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Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey


Don’t change your lock when there’s nothing wrong with it unless you’re looking to upgrade your lock to a higher security one, get a lock rekeyed instead. Call us at (401) 354-2336 to find out more.



Save Time Save Money


A lock rekey is usually a faster process since the mechanism is already set in place so there is no reason the lock would be installed incorrectly or not a 100% flush against the doorpost.


A lock rekey is usually a cheaper process since no new parts are required for installation, the technician works with the existing parts of your lock cylinder.



What is a Lock Rekey


The process works (in a general sense) like this:


  • Your lock is properly evaluated
  • The lock cylinder is removed and disassembled
  • The locking “pins” are arranged in a different manner
  • Cylinder is reassembled and inserted into the lock housing




This procedure will give you the confidence that the key you have in your hands is the only key that fits your lock, no matter who may have copied or stolen the former key in the past.

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