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Fixed & consistent prices

Nationwide Services

Available technicians wherever

Insured Locksmiths

Bonded and insured

Lock Change

Lock Change

For a reliable lock change solution call us at (401) 354-2336.


We install all lock types and all lock brands


  • Deadbolts in Various Configurations
  • Door knobs and levers : practical and decorative options
  • Bump Proof Lock Mechanism


You should give a lot of thought to the kind of lock you want for a particular door, obviously a front door should have a different lock than say, an inner door leading to a basement.



Expert Advice on the Premises


Doesn’t matter if you’ve already made up your mind or you’re completely oblivious to the various lock options that are available these days, just give us a call and get informed by a knowledgeable dispatcher or have a locksmith visit your home for on the spot advice.



Round the Clock Service


Found out someone deliberately stole your key? Kicked out a roommate or tenant?


If you need emergency service we will send out a technician even in the middle of the night so you can have a good night’s sleep.

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