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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

For a fast car key replace solution call us at (401) 354-2336.


Most car keys are made in such a way that regular key copy machines such as the ones you would find in your local hardware store are pretty useless, and in any case you may be stuck without an existing key to copy from.


We have at all times an auto locksmith available to fabricate any kind of key you may need whether it be a transponder key or just a regular key that’s been misplaced.



Transponder Key


This is the type of security feature you probably have in your car since almost any car model 2000′ and up comes with such a security feature.


A transponder key is a key with a built in RFID chip (located in the black plastic part of your key) which can communicate back and forth with your cars ignition for the sake of authentication, such a key is useless without the proper code programmed into the key.


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